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General Topics:

  1. What happens if students/faculty/staff have a problem abroad?
  2. How do I trouble shoot login issues?
  3. Will there be a pre-departure orientation?

Advising/Application Topics:

  1. How do I start an Advising Checklist?
  2. How long does a program last?
  3. Will I need a visa?
  4. How do I start a Study Abroad Application?
  5. When should I begin the application process?
  6. What do I do if my program isn't listed on the search?

Academic Topics:

  1. What is the minimum GPA requirement? 
  2. Can I get my Perspectives and Diversity requirement? 
  3. Will my credits transfer?

Financial Topics:

  1. Can I use Financial Aid?
  2. How much do programs cost?
  3. What other costs do I need to plan for?

What happens if students/faculty/staff have a problem abroad?

IPS staff is available to assist travelers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After regular business hours, in the event of an emergency, IPS  has an emergency number that travelers can call. Travelers will then be put in contact with a member of the team who will assist with emergency response. 
Office Phone Number: 717-871-7506; Emergency Phone Number: 01-717-871-5506

How do I trouble shoot login issues?

All Millersville students, faculty, and staff can use their Millersville credentials to log in. Only students in "Active" status at the university can login. After graduation, if you have "walk-away" status, or you are tying to log in prior to confirming admissions/enrollment, then you will not have student access to the Portal. Click the "LOGIN" button and type in your MU username and password.

If you are having issues with logging in, or with user permissions for recommendations or reviewer status, contact the office by email or by phone 717-871-7506. 

Will there be a pre-departure orientation?

Yes! The orientation program has two parts which cover content outlined in the Study Abroad Handbook. Part 1 focuses on health and safety abroad. Part 2 focuses on cultural readiness. Orientation is required of all study abroad participants. 

How do I start an Advising Checklist?

Email and our staff can create an Advising Checklist for you, OR, review ADVISING: Start Your Journey Here

How long does a program last?

Study abroad programs can last between one week to one academic year or longer! There is such a wide variety of program types with various lengths that can fit into your busy life or your packed academic schedule. Exchange programs are typically 1 or 2 semester or between 4 and 9 months while MAPS: Marauders Abroad Programs average between 7-10 days on average. Internships abroad can last an entire semester or be as short as 1-3 months. A student teaching field placement semester is split in two parts, between your domestic placement in PA for have the term and your international placement abroad for 7-10 weeks. 

Will I need a visa?

Immigration status, which does not always include a visa, is different per country around the world. Germany, for example, students complete an immigration check after arrival in country while students going to Japan are required to have a visa before departing the U.S. Visas, or other immigration documents, can take several weeks to two months to complete. The IPS office will supply any needed formal letters or documentation to support your application as a student traveler, however the office does not secure visas for participants. There are many online visa agencies that can provide the instructions and forms needed for your travel and most international universities and study abroad organizations will provide information to assist you in this process. If a student does not need a visa, they will be required to submit proof from their international universities or study abroad organizations stating. 

How do I start a Study Abroad Application?

Students are no longer able to start a study abroad application directly unless they are participating on a MAPS: Marauders Abroad Program. To apply to other study abroad programs you are required to first complete an Advising Checklist. One of the last steps of the Advising Checklist is to select the program and term you wish to apply to. The Education Abroad Advisor can then convert your Checklist into an Application. This ensures that all applicants have completed study abroad advising and understand the timeline, costs, and expectations for study abroad. 

To apply to a MAPS program, search MAPS programs on the Program Search page and under "Show" select MAPS: Marauders Abroad Programs. Type in the name of the program (partial or full name) and click "Search". Click on the name of the program to access to public brochure and you will see an "Apply Now" button. Alternatively, you can email the office at and we can manually create an application for you. 

When should I begin the application process?

It is recommended that students begin study abroad advising at least 1 year prior to the term they wish to go abroad. This gives enough time to complete the study abroad application. See the webpage on Timelines and Deadlines for more information. 

What do I do if my program isn't listed on the search?

Since our affiliated partners are constantly updating their program offerings it it possible that the program is not yet listed on the website. Email and we will add the program for you. If the program is not through a Millersville partner or affiliated organization, you may need to complete an application for a Build-Your-Own Program. A separate application for this program type can be found here, but you will still be required to complete an Advising Checklist before applying, so that your program can be reviewed for transfer credit eligibility. 

What is the minimum GPA requirement?

Students are required to have at least a 2.0 GPA to participate in study abroad, however many programs have higher GPA requirements. Check the program brochure or the affiliated organization's website for the GPA requirement of the program you are interested in. Other eligibility requirements can be found here. Transfer student eligibility will be based on their most recent GPA from their previous institution. 

Can I get my Perspectives and Diversity requirement?

There is the opportunity to take general education requirements abroad. See our Academic Information webpage for tips regarding general education classes. Additional academic information can be found on our Academic Policies webpage. 

Will my credits transfer?

Credit transfer eligibility and information can be found on our Academic Policies webpage. 

Can I use Financial Aid?

Preliminary Financial Aid information can be found on our Financial Policies webpage. IPS recommends that after a student completes a Budget Worksheet for their program, that they make an appointment with the Office of Financial Aid to review their specific financial situation. Guiding questions for your meeting can be found on our Funding Study Abroad webpage.  

How much do programs cost?

Because study abroad programs can vary due to length (# of weeks abroad) to environment (rural, suburban, urban) and country distance to the U.S. (Australia vs. the U.K.) costs for studying abroad vary significantly. There are many study abroad programs that are comparable to a semester at Millersville. See our Funding Study Abroad webpage for an example of a semester breakdown. This website also provides a template Budget Worksheet that we require students to complete during study abroad advising. The worksheet allows participants to see the breakdown of costs in context. 

What other costs do I need to plan for?

Your Peer Mentor, who has experience studying abroad, can talk with you about all of the other costs you should plan for. Millersville does not give estimates for all of the other fun and personal activities you may want to do while abroad. We encourage all students to create a separate personal budget for additional activities.