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ALUMNI: Continue Your Journey

So what is re-entry, exactly?

Re-entry is the experience of returning home after being abroad. It's also about going "home" and defining what that means to you. For those that have spent a significant time abroad, this can be a physical, mental, and emotional transition. You may have heard the term reverse culture shock. This term encompasses the feelings of frustration and surprise you feel when once familiar things feel different to you upon your return. The #1 mistake study abroad alumni make is when they avoid acknowledging differences they see and feel.

Re-entry programming through IPS will assist you in:
  • Reflecting on your experiences and travels abroad.
  • Adjust to being home in a way that keeps you moving forward with confidence.
  • Incorporate global interests into your everyday life.​
You've had an amazing adventure abroad and now you're thinking about your next steps. Whether you're returning "home" indefinitely, you plan to move abroad again in the future, or something in-between, you have so many options for continuing to live a life of inspired global adventure!

How can reflecting on your experience help you in the future?

Reflection gets you to think about and understand your experiences. 

ENGAGE in international experience
  • Ex. Traditional study abroad, professional placement, MAPS, etc.
DESCRIBE the experience:
Answer the question "What did I do, read, see, hear, etc.?"
  • What activities did you participate in?
  • Where and when did these take place?
  • Who did you interact/communicate with?
  • What did I do? What actions did I take?
EXAMINE the experience:
Personal growth
  • What is the value of this experience?Why do I think this?
  • What is my opinion of this experience? Why do I think this?
  • In what ways are your understanding of the experience the same and in what ways are they different?
Academic enrichment
  • What academic concepts, theories, content, skills did you learn?
  • What academic skills did you use? Should you have used? Did you witness?
  • What did you learn from an international perspective of a particular discipline?
Professional/Civic enrichment
  • What professional concepts, theories, content, skills did you learn?
  • What professional skills did you use? Should you have used? Did you witness?
  • What did you learn from an international perspective of a particular industry?
"I learned that..."
  • Provide a clear learning statement and explanation of the concept so that someone outside of your discipline or industry could understand it.
"I learned this when..."
  • Connect the learning statement to a specific activity or experience, making clear what happened in the context of that experience. 
"This matters because..."
  • Consider how the learning has value, both in terms of the experience and in brother terms, such as other organizations, communities, activities, issues, or personal/ academic/ professional goals. 
​"In light of this I will..."
Answer the question "how will I transfer or apply my new knowledge and insights in the future?"
  • Set specific and accessible goals, consider the benefits and challenges involved in fulfilling them
  • Tie them back to the original learning statement(s).