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Financial Policies

Study abroad participants are responsible for reviewing and understanding the following financial policies and are ultimately responsible for their study abroad costs. Participants are encouraged to share the Financial Policies on our website with other parties, including family, significant others, and/or friends who assist you financially.   

Depending on the program type, participants may be required to pay one or two fees toward their program application. Occasionally through study abroad scholarships and IPS Office events, participants may receive a waiver of one study abroad fee. If a student receives a waiver, they may use it towards any future study abroad program.
$50 Study Abroad Application Fee: Participants in all programs pay an application fee to Millersville University for each program that they apply to. This fee is due at the time of application.
$500 Study Abroad Participation Fee: Participants in any traditional/professional abroad program pay a participation fee to Millersville University for each term that they are abroad. This fee is due at the time of application. Note: The fee for a subsequent term will be waived if, at the time of application, students are applying for more than one back-to-back term.

Depending on the program type, participants may pay program charges to one or multiple organizations and vendors including to individual Program Leaders, IPS, the host university/program, or outside vendors. If your program is cancelled, you withdraw, you lose eligibility, or are dismissed from a study abroad program, the following outlines eligibility for program charge refunds.
MU MAPS Program: Program charges are paid to IPS for Program Leaders to use as down-payments to secure group booking rates for housing, transportation, and other program-related costs. Therefore, participants are not guaranteed to be fully reimbursed any of the program charge paid to MU. The Program Leader will make every reasonable effort to provide a full and/or partial refund or equivalent cost vouchers.
MU Other Programs: Participants may be eligible for a full or a pro-rated partial refund of the program costs paid to Millersville University, including charges such as MU tuition, MU fees, MU housing, MU meal plans, and program charges placed on MU bills. Refunds are determined once the international partner reimburses the IPS Office/Millersville University or releases the IPS Office/Millersville University from its financial obligation.
Host University/Affiliated Organizations: For charges paid directly to host universities or affiliated organizations, any refunds and transfers are only possible depending upon the individual financial policies of those organizations. Charges may include but are not limited to program deposits, tuition, placement fees, housing, meal plans, and others. The IPS Office advises participants to review all contracts and payment guidelines carefully. The IPS Office assumes no responsibility for losses or penalties through host universities or affiliated organizations.  
Outside Vendors: For funds paid directly to outside vendors, any refunds and transfers are only possible depending upon the individual policies of those vendors. Vendors charges may include but are not limited to, immigration fees, airfare, accommodations and more. The IPS Office advises participants to purchase fully refundable airline tickets and/or trip cancellation insurance to safeguard against losses or penalties. The IPS Office assumes no responsibility for such losses or penalties through outside vendors.


Included Activities & Excursions: Participants in any program who choose not to participate in activities included in the program charge, will not be refunded any portion of the program charge. Examples may include but are not limited to field trips, excursions, and cultural events.
Reduced Credit Load: Study Abroad programs are not based on a per credit tuition model and each program has a set number of credits included in the program design. Participants in a credit-bearing program who choose to take a reduced course load abroad, will not be refunded the any portion of the program charge for the difference in earned credit.

Program Cancellation: If a program is cancelled by IPS, a Program Leader, or the host university/program, participants will be entitled to a refund of the study abroad fees. Circumstances may include but are not limited to low program enrollment, health and safety concerns, political or civil unrest, weather or other natural disasters.
Participant Evacuation: After the start of a program, if a participant is recalled back the U.S., they will be entitled to a refund of the study abroad fees. Additional costs for immediate return to the U.S. are the responsibility of the participant. If IPS or the host institution/program have incurred any expenses on your behalf, IPS and/or the host institution/program will invoice you for these costs.
Loss of Eligibility: If a participant is required to withdraw from a study abroad program due to conduct or academic reasons, or if they are later deemed ineligible, no study abroad fees will be refunded. Ex. GPA falls under the minimum requirement, probation, suspension, sanctioned by the university, and other similar occurrences.
Program Removal or Dismissal: After the start of a program, if a participant is removed or dismissed, no study abroad fees will be refunded. If financial assistance is needed to return to the U.S., IPS may arrange a return flight and/or additional housing as necessary. Additional costs for immediate return to the U.S. are the responsibility of the participant. If IPS or the host institution/program have incurred any expenses on your behalf, IPS and/or the host institution/program will invoice you for these costs. For MAPS programs, a Secondary Program Leader (PL) (if available) may stay with a dismissed student until they leave the country, at an additional cost to the dismissed student.
Delay or Interruption: No full or partial refunds are given for temporary delay or interruption of your study abroad program, if the program concludes with you earning the credit through that program.
Early Program Withdrawal: If a participant withdraws from a program, no study abroad fees will be refunded. Students may request in writing to defer their study abroad fees to a future study abroad program.
Late Program Withdrawal: IPS and the international program abroad may encumber a number of expenses on your behalf well before you arrive at your study abroad destination. Therefore, if you withdraw from a study abroad program after either IPS or the host institution/program has incurred any expenses on your behalf, the IPS and/or the host institution/program will invoice you for these costs, and no study abroad fees will be refunded. This policy applies regardless of whether or not you have paid your program balance in full or not.
Program Withdrawal Due to Extenuating Circumstances: Study abroad participants who withdraw due to extenuating circumstances, may be eligible for a full or a pro-rated partial refund of study abroad fees. Participants must notify the IPS office in writing with a summary of the circumstances and supporting documentation. Extenuating circumstances that are potentially eligible for a refund are defined as:
- Death of an immediate family member including parents, guardians, siblings, children, spouses, registered domestic partners—does not include grandparents.
- Illness/Medical emergency of participant or immediate family members. Can be physical, mental, emotional, or others.  
- Military Activation that conflicts with the program dates.
- Unanticipated change in financial situation, such as the termination of a main source of income or filing of bankruptcy. Financial emergency does not include "did not understand what I was financially accountable for" nor does it include "not eligible for financial aid/did not receive a scholarship I was counting on."
- Other: A circumstance out of the participant’s control and requires supporting documentation of situation, process, and/or timeline.

The IPS Office reserves the right to put a hold on students’ Millersville University accounts if their MU bill, host university/program invoices, or outside vendor’s bill related to their study abroad experience are not paid. This hold prevents students from registering for classes for next term, applying for graduation, and requesting Millersville transcripts, until payment is complete. IPS will also pause the processing of that students’ study abroad transcript.
Non-Millersville Participants: IPS will also contact the home university of all non-Millersville participants to pursue similar actions. Upon proof of payment or confirmed payment plan, IPS will release the hold and release the study abroad transcripts to the student’s home university.
If you qualify for federal and/or PA state financial aid, you may apply it to your accredited study abroad program. After a student is accepted to study abroad, the IPS Office send documentation to the Office of Financial Aid. Financial Aid will then recalculate a student’s aid package to determine if they are eligible to apply for additional aid.
During Study Abroad Advising, it is strongly recommended that you take completed Budget Worksheet, to the Office of Financial Aid to discuss financial planning. The Office of Financial Aid will be able to discuss your specific financial situation and inform you about alternative available financing options.
Summer Aid: Most students are required to be registered for a minimum of 6 credits in order to be eligible for financial aid. Any aid received during the summer will be deducted from the amount of aid available to you for the following academic year. Students who are enrolled in a course that is less than four weeks, may not be able to use their aid towards their study abroad program. Contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine eligibility for federal aid if your study abroad program is close to the 4-week minimum.
Academic Year & Spring Term Participants: The release of financial aid for the following academic year may be delayed while Millersville awaits the receipt of your academic transcript from the international institution. Transcripts from Spring semester study abroad generally do not arrive until September. Because Millersville University cannot confirm that you have made “Successful Academic Progress” (SAP) in the month of May for the previous academic year, without the transcript, your financial aid may be placed on hold until the transcript is received.  

Federal Aid Regarding SAP: Federal Aid SAP is defined as earning 75% of all credits attempted at MU. (Example: A student completed 30 credits but earned 24 credits, which is 80%. This means they made successful academic progress and will not have issues with financial aid for the following academic year.). 

Appeal Your Federal Aid: To ensure that your federal aid is released without your study abroad transcript being received, complete an appeal form with the Office of Financial Aid, by indicating that you are studying abroad. This process will release your federal aid even if the transcript has not yet arrived. Power of Attorney, processed prior to departure, may be required if you will need someone else to complete this form for you in your absence. 

State Aid Regarding SAP: State Aid SAP is defined as successfully completing, at minimum, 24 credits for the academic year.  

Appeal Your State Aid: Your State Aid cannot be appealed for a reason of study abroad. However, State Aid will be retroactively released upon receipt of your study abroad transcript confirming Satisfactory Academic Progress. If your transcript is received, and you did not meet the minimum required SAP, you will be required to immediately reimburse the Office of Financial Aid for any money already received. Failure to do so will result in their office placing a hold on your Millersville University account which will affect registration/graduation. 
Financial Aid Withdrawal/Dismissal Impact: Participants are required to contact the Office of Financial Aid immediately if they receive any form of financial aid, such as federal, state, or Millersville scholarships, and return early from a study abroad program for any reason, as it may affect their financial aid package.
Millersville Study Abroad Scholarships: IPS is able to offer a limited number of study abroad scholarship opportunities. MU’s scholarship timeline and application review may differ from outside national and state study abroad scholarships.
Confirmation of Acceptance: All scholarships will be disbursed according to the regular Millersville disbursement cycle, after confirmation of program acceptance by IPS.
Disbursement: Scholarships may automatically be applied to any outstanding bills in their MU account, otherwise scholarships may be disbursed directly to the student.
Scholarship Impact on Financial Aid: If the scholarship recipient receives other forms of financial aid (loans, grants, other scholarships, etc.) your financial aid package may be affected. Participants are responsible for contacting the Office of Financial Aid to determine how your award impacts your overall financial aid package.
Scholarship Withdrawal Impact: If the scholarship recipient withdraws from their study abroad program at any time, the scholarship must be repaid in full to Millersville University immediately.
Deferring a Scholarship: Scholarship deferrals will be considered on a case by case basis and are only eligible if the deferral is withing the same academic year.
Most international countries do not allow those on student visas to legally work abroad, or if they do, the country may charge additional immigration fees for a student work visa. Regardless of whether a country allows you to be employed, IPS does not support participation in non-program related work placements due to the difficulty of balancing the work and the sanctioned study abroad program, while adjusting to a new culture and academic system. It is also important to understand that labor laws and protections differ per country and for paid employment abroad, you must pay U.S. taxes on all foreign-earned income. Keep this in mind when considering your available finances for your experience abroad.
If you have any questions about the above policies please email