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Eligibility & Expectations

IPS will help to facilitate the study abroad process and will assist in setting realistic expectations for both you and your overall experience abroad. All paperwork will be initiated by and will be submitted to IPS, unless otherwise directed by us. We will help to guide you throughout the paperwork process, and will communicate directly with the Housing, Registrar’s, Bursar’s, and Financial Aid offices on behalf of accepted participants. You will be supported prior to, during, and after your study abroad to make this the most successful experience possible, both academically and personally.
Ownership: The skills participants acquire from study abroad are put into practice long before traveling to the host country. The pre-departure process and the responsibilities associated with preparing for your experience help you acquire the independent problem-solving skills you will need to rely upon once abroad. Participants, not family/friends, are expected to work directly with the IPS Office to fulfill study abroad requirements and responsibilities. You will be the one traveling abroad and will need to be knowledgeable about your own study abroad details. This experience will last with you for a lifetime - it is yours to be responsible for.
Time commitment: During the semester prior to your departure, there is a significant time commitment with many deadlines associated with the study abroad process. The completion of many forms and documents and working with your home academic department and individuals on and off campus (loan agencies, embassies, airlines, etc.) is required. Failure to complete your arrangements satisfactorily, and according to deadlines, may jeopardize your study abroad participation.
Communication: Once you arrive at your study abroad destination, it will be important to keep in contact with the IPS Office. Participant communication with IPS or Program Leaders is crucial in order to provide support services, especially if any issues arise. Communications regarding matters such as changes in contact information, accommodations, program, length of stay, travel plans while abroad, etc. will be necessary for the IPS Office to ensure a successful experience abroad.
Health: Participants will be responsible for their own physical and mental health maintenance. Participants are expected to seek help and/or support when they need it. In the event of illness, accident, or emergency, participants will inform their host university and/or provider as well as the IPS.
Insurance: The health and safety of each member of the Millersville community are taken seriously. Understand that you are required to have adequate health, accident, and hospitalization insurance to cover all incidents during your participation in the Study Abroad program. Millersville University requires participants to purchase the IPS recommended plan, unless otherwise noted. Individual insurance coverage should be equal or better than the IPS-recommended plan.
Academics: Millersville University expects participants to perform academically at standards commensurate with on-campus performance. If applicable, participants are expected to research and understand the credit and grading system of their chosen host location prior to application. Participants are expected to complete study and/or work placement assignments and seek academic help and/or support when they need it.
Conduct and Community Standards Violation: Should you violate Millersville University’s Student Conduct and Community Standards’ behavioral expectations and others outlined by your program, host institution, or host country, you may be subject to disciplinary action upon your return to the U.S. Be aware that the process for responding to conduct issues may vary by institution or organization and may be different while abroad than on campus.
Removal or Dismissal: If unacceptable behavior is such that it is determined that your continued presence on a program is likely to impede the achievement of program objectives, disrupt program activity, or jeopardize health and safety, you may be removed from the program. Depending on your location and program, you will have 24-48 hours to vacate program-arranged housing. When removed from a program, you are strongly encouraged to return to the U.S. since the program and its affiliates will no longer have any responsibility towards you.
Alcohol Misuse: If you are of legal drinking age in your host country, you are permitted to consume alcohol during non-program (study/work) hours. However, alcohol must be consumed responsibly and cannot be misused. Alcohol misuse is consumption of alcohol that is or has the potential to be harmful to the individual and/or is disruptive to the program. Participants that misuse alcohol face removal from the program and disciplinary action upon return to campus.
Drug Use: MU prohibits the possession, use, manufacture, production, sale, exchange or distribution of illegal drugs by study abroad participants. Whether a drug is illegal is governed by U.S. federal drug laws, the laws of Pennsylvania, and host country laws. Participants that violate this policy face removal from the program and disciplinary action upon return to campus.
Protests: As a condition of participation in MU-Related International Travel, including study abroad programs, you agree to not participate in and to avoid any demonstrations and protests abroad. Even those with peaceful intentions may become unsafe and/or involve negative confrontations with local law enforcement.
In order to study abroad you must meet the basic criteria approved on the Study Abroad Policy. You must also meet the criteria determined by the international university and/or program provider which may include a higher GPA requirement. To review the full Millersville University Study Abroad Policy, please view the the following Governance link: Policy for Study Abroad

1. Students must have completed a minimum of 24 college credits prior to departure (individual programs may have higher requirements). Credit requirements for faculty/staff-led programs can be reduced. Students may submit their application for the upcoming study abroad term during the semester in which they complete the minimum credit requirements.   
2. Students must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA at time of application (individual programs may have higher requirements), and maintain their GPA prior to departure. 
3. Students must be in good standing with Millersville University’s Code of Student Conduct. The opportunity to study abroad may be denied based on a student’s conduct record with the University as defined in the Student Code of Conduct. Conduct records will be evaluated at the time of the student’s initial application and monitored before his/her departure until the student returns from their experience abroad. A student is required to abide by MU’s Code of Conduct while abroad. Any incidents while abroad that violate MU’s Code of Conduct will be processed by Millersville’s Student Conduct and Community Standards Office. If a student is required to withdraw from a study abroad program for academic or conduct reasons, either before or after the program officially begins, no money will be refunded. Note: A suspension from MU encompasses all university activities, which includes study abroad.  
4. Students must demonstrate the personal maturity, responsibility, cross-cultural understanding, and the stress management skills necessary for a successful study abroad experience.  
5. Students must pay all applicable fees. This includes but is not limited to application fees, participation fees, and the fee for international health and travel insurance. 
6. Students must successfully complete the Getting Ready to Go process after approval is granted by the Office of International Programs & Services. For students who do not complete the process, IPS reserves the right to revoke their program approval.