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Transfer Credit

Form shown in video is outdated. An updated video is forthcoming. 

Before you Apply: 

Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor to discuss the classes available to them on their study abroad program of choice. Students should talk about:
  • Their plans for study abroad.
  • Timeline / What term do you want to participate or travel?
  • Review your degree audit. How can you make academic progress abroad?
  • Will x,y,z course count for a major requirement?
  • Will x,y,z course for a general education requirement?
  • Study Abroad Academic Policies found here
  • Study Abroad policies for the Perspectives and Diversity waivers. 

Study Abroad Application:

For all credit-bearing study abroad programs, the Study Abroad Transfer of Credit Form will be listed on the Study Abroad Application as an item to complete. While IPS highly encourages students to submit a completed form with the rest of the application, we realize that due to the differing academic systems around the world, accessing course lists, descriptions, and syllabi for the next term may not yet be possible. Click the button below to access a blank form: 

  • Print horizontally if you are completing a hard copy.
  • An e-copy is sufficient if sent to our office directly from an academic advisor. 
  • Academic advisors determine course equivalencies, course levels (300 level, etc.) while IPS determines credit and grade conversions.

Transfer of Credits Form

Completing the Study Abroad Transfer of Credit Form:

When you are ready to complete this form you will need to make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor and have access to / bring the following documentation:
  • Study Abroad Transfer of Credits Form (linked above);
  • Your degree audit and any graduation plans you've previously made with your advisor;
  • A list of course options you are interested in taking;
  • Course descriptions and/or syllabi;
  • Have access to the Millersville course catalog found on the Registrar’s website.
  • Syllabi are not officially used in all academic systems around the world. On occasion you will only be able to access a course description. Students are then encouraged to reach out to individual programs and/or the international professor of the course, to get a list of course texts or additional information. Your academic advisor will let you know what they need to make the determination. 
  • It is the responsibility of the Department/Advisor to determine the course equivalencies for courses taken abroad. Students should NOT complete the Department/Advisor section. If the course is housed in a department that your Department/Advisor is not in, that department should be contacted for guidance to determine an equivalency for that course. 

Upon Your Return: 

Upon the completion of your study abroad program, your host university/program should send transcripts directly to the Office of International Programs & Services (IPS) and NOT the Registrar's Office. In some cases, your program will not automatically send your transcript to Millersville and you will need to request one. If you manually request an e-transcript, send it to If you manually request a hardy copy, use the following address:

ATTN: Study Abroad Transcript
Millersville University
International Programs & Services
Lyle Hall, First Floor
40 Dilworth Road,
Millersville, PA, USA 17579

If your Transfer of Credits Form matches the courses listed on your transcript, IPS will process your courses/credit within 3 weeks of receiving your transcript. If you took any classes that were not listed on the original form you submitted, and if you did not revise it while you were abroad, there may be a delay in processing. If this is the case, you must complete an updated Study Abroad Transfer of Credits Form and submit it to or to the IPS office in Lyle Hall.

When all forms and transcripts are completed, signed, and received by IPS, IPS staff will process the courses and credits onto the student's degree audit, as well as any Perspectives and/or Diversity waivers. The documents are then sent to the Registrar's Office for finalizing. The Registrar's Office completes any specific degree audit section instructions listed on the transfer of credit form. The entire process between the IPS Office and the Registrar's Office can take 3 weeks, or longer if there are delays in receiving completed forms.