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MAPS: Millersville Abroad Programs

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If you are looking for a shorter study abroad program, or a more guided experience, you can participate in a MAPS: Millersville Abroad Program. These programs are typically between 1-3 weeks in length. They are guided experiences led by Millersville staff or faculty, who take a group of students, alumni, or community members abroad. These can be for credit or not for credit. 

Types of MAPS Programs:
1. Discipline-Focused: Course integration or subject-specific experiences. 
2. Skill Development: Foster essential skills, training, leadership, or team-building through hands-on experience. 
3. Intercultural: Emphasize cultural exploration and cultural immersion.
4. Service Learning: Community-driven service projects and hands-on exposure to local cultures. 

Travel Registry: A Travel Registry is designed for independent or solo travel by students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members participating in Millersville University-related travel, or may be traveling individually with an MU faculty or staff member.  Examples of such travel may include but are not limited to:
- Attending or participating in an international conference or in a performance/show
- Independently participating in a service learning project, athletic events, or training
- Student-led travel for an MU club or organization (Ex. A religious club on a missions trip)
- Participating in international research (When not part of a credit-bearing class)

Current and Upcoming Programs

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