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Study Abroad Advising by Major: Anthropology

As students may complete general education requirements abroad, it is not necessary to study abroad on a program that is related to your major. However, many students find it interesting to take major or minor-related courses, as it gives them insight into how that field is approached in other parts of the world and it provides opportunities to take unique course options or field experiences not offered at MU. 

Study Abroad can help students...

  • Gain awareness of discipline from a different academic perspective.
  • Develop primary research skills from field experiences abroad.
  • Connect with the international community for future academic or career goals. 
  • Expand cross-cultural communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Prepare for an increasingly diverse and international workplace.
  • Improve foreign language skills.
While students in this major are not required to study abroad, it is highly encouraged. All recommendations on this webpage should be reviewed with an Education Abroad Advisor and then discussed with your Academic Advisor(s) in your major or minor departments. 

The Office of International Programs and Service's Education Abroad Advisors recommend the following for students in this major who wish to study abroad:
1. Students should select which of the Required Related category to complete: Foreign Language, Related Area, or Stats and Computer Science. 
- Students should select which foreign language to take for their Required Related Foreign Language Courses before studying abroad.
- Students should select a subject or topic to focus on for their Related Area focus before studying abroad. 
2. Students are recommended, but not required, to focus on taking general education courses abroad if they have not yet completed their "Department Academic Review". This occurs when students have earned between 45 credits and 60 credits. 
The Anthropology program provides academic information on their department website, and curriculum sheets can be found on the Academic Advising website.

Which courses/requirements should Anthropology majors/minors take at MU?
- IPS recommends taking the Required Related category for Stats and Computer Science category at MU.

Which courses/requirements can Anthropology majors fulfill while abroad?
- Major Required courses (with department approval)
- Major Elective courses (6 credits)
- Required Related Foreign Language Courses (6 credits)
- Related Area courses (9-12 credits)
- General Education courses. 

General Notes: View the Academic Planning website for additional information. 
- Students can earn Major Elective or Related Area course credit (3 credits) by completing an international internship.
- Semester Programs & Internships: Can automatically earn a waiver of two (2) general education categories: Perspectives and Cultural Diversity & Community. 
- Summer Programs: Have the opportunity to earn a waiver of one (1) general education category: Cultural Diversity & Community. 
Major Credit Limitations:
The maximum number of transfer credits that can be applied to the Anthropology major is 15 credits.

Minor Credit Limitations:
The maximum number of transfer credits that can be applied to the Anthropology minor is 9 credits. 
The maximum number of transfer credits that can be applied to the Archaeology Minor minor is 9 credits.
The maximum number of transfer credits that can be applied to the Cultural Anthropology Minor minor is 9 credits.

Note: Transfer credit limitations include all credit earned from AP, domestic transfer (excluding PASSHE institutions), and study abroad.
Students interested in studying abroad should start an Advising Checklist and discuss their interests with an Education Abroad Advisor. 

Office of International Programs and Services: Lyle Hall First Floor

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