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Education Abroad, also known as Study Abroad, encompasses many different kinds of programs. In order to better understand the terminology the Office of International Programs & Services (IPS) will use during the advising process, see below for a list of the various kinds of study abroad.
MU has a relationship with several international universities. An exchange program allows a student from Millersville and a student from the host university to trade places for a semester or an academic year. Current exchange partners are listed below: 

LIP = A language immersion program indicates a language focus OR that a certain language proficiency is needed to attend. 
EP = An English Program means there are course options available and taught in English.
♦ = Scholarship(s) Available

France: University of Caen Normandy (EP & LIP)
♦ Germany: Philipps University Marburg (EP) & Philipps University Marburg (LIP) 
♦ Spain: Universidad de Burgos (LIP) 
♦ The Netherlands: Saxion University of Applied Sciences (EP) 
United Kingdom: University of Strathclyde (EP)

Asia & Pacific: 
Australia: University of the Sunshine Coast (EP)
♦ Japan: Kansai Gaidai University (EP) 
♦ South Korea: Chonnam National University (EP) 

South America:
♦ Chile: Pontificia Universidad Católica De Valparaíso (LIP) 

South Africa: University of KwaZulu-Natal (EP)
MU has a relationship with several international universities that provide a discount for semester and summer options. Students pay directly to the partner in these programs. Current direct partners are listed below: 

LIP = A language immersion program indicates a language focus OR that a certain language proficiency is needed to attend. 
EP = An English Program means there are course options available and taught in English.
♦ = Scholarship(s) Available

France: American Business School Paris (EP) & University of Caen Normandy (LIP)
♦ Germany: Philipps University Marburg (EP) 
Japan: Kansai Gaidai University (EP) 
South Korea: Chonnam National University (EP) 
United Kingdom (England):London Metropolitan University Summer (EP)
United Kingdom (Northern Ireland):Queens University Belfast (EP) 

France: The American Business School Paris (EP) 
United Kingdom (England): London Metropolitan University (EP) 
United Kingdom (Northern Ireland): Queen's University Belfast (EP) 
Affiliated programs are generally run by a third party organization or program provider. IPS has a direct relationship with the organization, and in turn, the organization has direct relationships with international universities.

Students participating in these programs take their courses at the Affiliates' partner institutions or centers with other international students and/or locals (depending on the program). Students typically receive program advising directly by the affiliated organization rather than MU staff. Interested students should consult the specific Affiliate’s program website for detailed program and cost information. However, you will first apply to study abroad through Millersville University's study abroad portal. 

MU is connected to the following affiliated organizations:
American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS Abroad, Global Experiences)
International Studies Abroad (ISA by Worldstrides, TEAN)
If you are looking for a shorter study abroad program, or a more guided experience, you can participate in a MAPS: Millersville Abroad Program. These programs are typically between 1-3 weeks in length. They are guided experiences led by Millersville staff or faculty, who take a group of students, alumni, or community members abroad. These can be for credit or not for credit.

To see current available programs, visit the MAPS: Millersville Abroad Programs page

Types of MAPS Programs:
1. Discipline-Focused: Course integration or subject-specific experiences. 
2. Skill Development: Foster essential skills, leadership, or team-building through hands-on experience. 
3. Intercultural: Emphasize cultural exploration and cultural immersion.
4. Service Learning: Community-driven service projects and hands-on exposure to local cultures. 
There are several ways to gain professional “hands-on” experience in another culture, all while boosting your resume! International internships are available to almost all majors and minors. Students may intern abroad for a semester or a summer session. Additional eligibility requirements apply*. 

Bermuda: National Museum of Bermuda
South Africa: VACorps
Other Locations: AIFS Global ExperiencesISA by WorldStrides
Traditional Study Abroad with an Internship Component: AIFS + Study Abroad
Education majors can complete half of their student teaching placement for certification in an international location. They can also participate in semester or summer placements depending on the school calendar in the host country. These are possible in over 65 different countries. Additional eligibility requirements apply*. 

South Africa: VACorps
Sweden: Internationella Engelska Skolan
Other Locations: Educators Abroad
Social Work majors can complete their senior field placements in pre-approved sites in: Cape Town, South Africa, London, England and Dublin, Ireland. Additional eligibility requirements apply*. 

South Africa: VACorps
England & Ireland: AIFS Global Experiences
Research experiences allow students to conduct independent research, or assist in faculty research abroad. Only Millersville's IRB can give approval to conduct research, however IPS will need to approve your international travel. There are several ways to participate in international research. 

Short Term Research Opportunities:
MU-Credit: You can conduct research through an independent study/ individualized instruction class. You would earn MU credit. You will complete an application to approve the international travel.
Non-Credit: You can conduct independent or guided (with an MU professor) research to use for a future honors thesis, project, Made in Millersville, or other reasons. You would not earn credit. You will register your international travel through a Travel Registry. 

Semester Research Programs:
Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, or the Netherlands: ISA EuroScholars - You can search research projects by topic/theme. 
The Netherlands: Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Exchange) - Many programs have a group/solo project component. 
If you wish to pursue a study abroad destination beyond the pre-approved program offerings, you may choose to study abroad through another university’s programs or study abroad company. These programs must be approved by IPS during Advising. Below are the steps to find alternative programs:

Application: Build-Your-Own Program

Research study abroad programs:
Search other Pennsylvania State System Universities' programs: PASSHE Study Abroad Website
Search study abroad databases such as IIE Passport Guide
Search other US university programs. 
Apply directly to international universities that accept non-degree students.
Piece together several programs. (Ex. Two summer programs; a winter and a spring program)

When choosing a program there are many factors to keep in mind:
Program location
Program costs: Determine what is included (ex. housing, meals, airport pick-up, excursions, activities, etc.)
GPA requirements 
Language proficiency
Course offerings: 
Make note of who is issuing the transcript. In order to transfer credit to Millersville, credit must be issued by an accredited university. (In some cases you may be required to pay an additional fee for this.)

Note: If your program has a deadline that is earlier than Millersville's application deadlines, you will be given an earlier specific deadline.
A Travel Registry is designed for independent or solo travel by students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members participating in Millersville University-related travel, or may be traveling individually with an MU faculty or staff member. Examples of such travel may include but are not limited to:
- Attending or participating at an international conference
- Attending or participating in a performance or show
- Independently participating in a service learning project
- Independently participating in athletic events or training
- Student-led travel for an MU club or organization (Ex. A religious club on a missions trip)
- Participating in international research (When not part of a credit-bearing class)

To read more information visit Travel Registry.

Where to complete the Travel Registry:
Travel Registry Website Travel Registry Portal
MU Employees MU Students
MAPS Program Leaders (Primary and Secondary) Students of other colleges/universities & high schools
Community members (Ex. MU alumni, spouse, dependents) that deviate from the full itinerary.  Community members (Ex. MU alumni, spouse, dependents) that participate in the full itinerary. 
Domestic study abroad allows students to study in the U.S. and U.S. territories.
Search Go Overseas to see options

Virtual study abroad allows students to take an online class, and earn credit, through an international university while remaining in the U.S. IPS promotes virtual study abroad programs with an included cultural component. Cultural components may include virtual engagement with local students, cultural gifts, or others.