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On all study abroad applicants and travel registries, students will complete the Physical and Mental Health Form. IPS recommends you to list all medication you take or plan to take abroad on this form so that we can provide resources or other assistance 

Certain commonly prescribed medications in US are considered controlled substances abroad, such as certain painkillers, anti-depressants, ADD/ADHD medications, and some cold medications. 

Check generic names of common over-the-counter drugs​

Check with insurance provider or government web resources on which mediations are available in the countries you are traveling to.​

Prescription Medication​ Tips
  • Keep all prescription medications in their original labeled bottles.​
  • Always have a written prescription from your doctor in your carry-on luggage.​
  • Ensure all prescriptions have the medication written in generic terms, with all ingredients listed.​
  • If there is a medication your doctor anticipates you will need, carry that prescription with you as well.​
  • Consider consulting with insurance provider on how much medication you can carry with you.​