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Alcohol & Drugs

Some countries do not have a legal drinking age, although frequently one must be 18 to purchase liquor, and it is not uncommon for young adults to have beer or wine with a meal. There are some countries that have strict laws about drinking in public.‚Äč For example, alcohol is strictly prohibited in most Muslim-majority countries and in some parts of India. U.S. citizens have been detained for possessing alcohol in their luggage upon arrival in some countries. Many countries laws are more severe than in the U.S. so be sure to research the local drinking culture. 
Existing legislation in most foreign countries regarding the use or possession of marijuana, cocaine, and other illegal drugs imposes very severe penalties including include jail terms, hard labor, and even the death penalty. There is common prescription medication in the U.S. that may also be considered a controlled substance in some countries abroad. Association with illegal drug users or possessors is considered the same as personal use or possession by authorities in some countries. 

Review the Participant Conduct Expectations in regards to alcohol and drug use abroad.